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Winter Hammocking

Winter is upon us! Perhaps you’ve already packed away your hammock, pining away for warmer days to come. Don’t despair! We have a few tips to enjoy your hammock in the winter

Bundle It Up!

Without question, you should wear weather appropriate clothing when enjoying the great outdoors. Sometimes you need a cold weather wardrobe upgrade. Warm socks are wonderful, but why not try out some electric socks to be extra warm and toasty. Don’t forget to keep your fingers warm as well.

Your hammock needs bundling up too so be sure to add layers. Add a good quality hammock pad. Also, consider having a heavy quilt or a subzero sleeping bag available to lounge away your day in utmost warmth.

Heat It Up!

When wrapping yourself from head to toe isn’t enough, consider adding a heat source to your outdoor living space. Building a fire pit near your hammock is a great option. If you’d like something with a little more flair, you might enjoy this chimenea. Looking for something that doesn’t require wood? A patio heater is a great alternative. Who says you can’t enjoy your hammock in the cold?

Bring It In!

Maybe braving the cold isn’t for you. You can still enjoy your hammock during the cold. Just bring it in. A heated garage, man cave, or she shed are great options for relocating your hammock for the winter. If you don’t have one of those, hammock in style while watching tv in a hammock swing. It’s a great option for binge watching your favorite show or playing video games.

However you decide to use your hammock this winter, be sure to enjoy it safely! What’s your favorite way to winter hammock? Leave us a comment below.

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