Shipping FAQ

What method of shipping do you use?
FedEx Ground

When will my order be shipped?
We can not guarantee with shipping that your item(s) will arrive at the time you want. We strive to make every effort possible to ship your order without delay. Call ahead for exact shipping details and times.

Can I have my order shipped by any other method?
Yes! You must place a phone order though.

Product Questions

What type of hammock is best suited for outdoor use?
A polyester rope hammock will last longer outdoors then a cotton rope hammock.

What is the difference between polyester and cotton rope?
Polyester rope is bright white where as cotton rope is more of a beige color. Polyester rope will last longer outdoors then cotton rope. Some people say that cotton rope is more comfortable then polyester. This is largely a matter of opinion.

How do I clean a dirty hammock?
Soap and water! Use of abrasive cleaners may damage the rope. Pawley’s Island makes a hammock cleaning solution.

How far apart should my trees be?
13 feet – give or take 4 feet.

My hammock is leaning to one side. Is it defective?
No! This is typical of new hammocks. The hammock’s rope will stretch and the hammock will begin to lay flat after use.