Sunbrella Pillowtop Hammock – Hatteras


Relax into bliss in our premium pillow-top hammock.

  • Midori Indigo
  • Milano Char
  • Platform Indigo
  • Spectrum Mist
  • Gateway Indigo
  • Gateway Mist
  • Gateway Tropic
  • Regency Sand
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Sunbrella Fabric: We choose the highest quality outdoor fabrics and materials. Sunbrella fabric is 100% solution-dyed acrylic, which means the fibers of the fabric are dyed before they are woven into the fabric. Sunbrella is water resistant and will not fade. You can even soak it in bleach and the color will remain the same.

DuraCord Rope: DuraCord rope is used for the ring knots, binding the bed of the hammock to the spreader bar and ultimately connecting the hammock to the stand or tree. DuraCord is designed to be weather-tough and is resistant to abrasion, rot, mold, and mildew, yet is as soft as cotton. Our 3-ply DuraCord rope is solution-dyed and there’s no more colorfast rope available today.

Cumaru Spreaders: This hammock features two thick Cumaru spreader bars. Amongst the hardest and densest woods on the planet, Cumaru naturally ages from a beautiful brown to silvery-grey over time.

Hardware: The O-rings, chains, and tree hooks are zinc-plated steel, meaning the hardware is the ultimate in strength and weatherability.

Seam Stitching: Bobbins are used in our quilting machine for a lockstitch of polyester thread. There are many different types of stitching yet we use lockstitch because of the tenacity and strength it adds to the stitch. This is a very important part of the bed of the fabric hammocks. Polyester thread is important for the outdoors as the threads will hold up to the elements.

Storage: We strongly advise storing your quilted hammock in an enclosed dry place during lengthy stretches of adverse weather or when your hammock is going unused, to ensure its longest possible life. Avoid storing near harsh chemicals, or where foraging animals or insects can readily get to it.

Please Note: Your hammock is likely at first to appear a little shorter than its advertised length; it will reach its full length once the ropes naturally stretch through initial use.

Pillow and stand sold separately.

Additional information

Bed Length

6 Feet 10 Inches


Hatteras Hammocks


Cleaning Wipes or a Soft Bristle Brush with a Mild Cleanser

Fabric Color

Midori Indigo, Milano Char, Platform Indigo, Spectrum Mist, Gateway Indigo, Gateway Mist, Gateway Tropic, Regency Sand

Hanging Distance

13-16 Feet


(2) Zinc-Plated Chains and (2) Tree Hooks


13 Feet


Sunbrella Fabric


1 Year

Weight Capacity

450 Pounds


55 Inches