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Farmer’s Market Still Open

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Raleigh Market location is not currently open. However, you can still visit us at the NC Farmer’s Market in Raleigh. Our hours of operation are Friday through Sunday between 9 am and 4 pm. Don’t forget you can order from our website, ensure secure payment through the system provided by Fully-Verified and get free shipping on most orders.

Please stay healthy and safe!

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June is Great Outdoors Month!

Eating Outdoors is Beneficial to Your Health

In a unanimous decision by the US Senate for the third year in a row, June was announced as “Great Outdoors Month!” Enjoy eating with your friends and family outside at this Casual Dining Table. Here are some reasons that eating outside is actually beneficial to your health:

Improve Mood

Eating outside in the fresh air away from ringing phones (put your cell on vibrate or even silent), away from electronics, away from all the other distractions in life will boost your mood. Spending too much time indoors has been shown to increase anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Not only that, but most people are deficient in Vitamin D, which effects many things, including mood. Spending time outdoors naturally increases this vitamin in our bodies reaping major benefits.

Improve Health

We talked a little bit about vitamin D improving mood and brain function. However, the benefits of this vitamin don’t stop there. Studies have shown that Vitamin D helps with a wide range of illnesses including osteoporosis, heart attacks, and stroke. Since far too many Americans get so little Vitamin D, this is a widespread epidemic.

The physical health benefits of spending time outside doesn’t stop there. By decreasing stress, you also decrease cortisol levels. High levels of cortisol are also linked to high blood pressure, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease. By spending small amounts of time each day, you will lower cortisol levels and, over time, lower your risk of these diseases.

Increase Brain Function

Studies have shown that spending time outside increases the brains ability to concentrate, improves memory function, and increases attention levels. Even children with ADHD have shown improved focus after spending time outside. The greener the area the better. Even adults can benefit!

Reduce Healing Time

Spending time in natural sunlight has been shown to reduce healing time. In one study on postoperative patients who had undergone spinal surgery, the patients exposed to sunlight experienced less pain and took fewer pain medications than the patients who did not receive the natural light.

Get ready enjoy the outdoors and it’s health benefits. Whether you’re entertaining family and friends, or enjoying some peace and quiet alone, be sure to check us out for all of your outdoor hammock and furniture needs. Don’t forget the hammock stand and accessories!

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Hammock Care and Cleaning

Spring is finally here! And it’s time to get your hammock on. Whether you’ve kept your hammock up during the fall and winter, or if you’ve tucked it away for the colder seasons, you’ll need to follow these steps to insure your hammock is in tip-top shape.

Damage Control

To make sure you don’t end up falling, it’s important to inspect your hammock and the hammock stand. Make sure there are no rips, tears, worn out areas, or signs of critter nibbles. Be sure to inspect any chains and hammock hooks to make sure they’ve not stretched or broken due to too much weight and look for any other signs of wear. Inspect the spreader bars and make sure they don’t need to be replaced. Be sure to thoroughly look over your stand as well.

Cleaning the Rope

The easiest and most preferred way of cleaning rope hammocks is with soap and water. Who knew?! Use mild liquid detergent and warm water with a soft-bristled scrub brush to complete this task. Start by spreading your hammock on your deck or a concrete surface and then soak it thoroughly with a hose. Next, pour the warm, soapy water over the hammock and start scrubbing! Rinse everything thoroughly before allowing your hammock to dry. If you have cotton rope, it may shrink a little in drying, but will stretch back out with use.

If you have a hammock with polyester or DuraCord® ropes, place your hammock in a kiddie wading pool or bathtub, soaking the rope thoroughly. Be sure to keep the wooden spreader bars and galvanized O-rings out of the water as much as possible. Try propping them up with a bucket or some other type of container. Add some OxiClean™ or a mild detergent such as Wisk. Be sure to follow the instructions on the cleaner container for the proper amounts and allow the rope to soak in the soapy solution for about an hour. Take a handful of rope in each hand and rub the pieces together and use a soft-bristled scrub brush to work on any stains. Once you’ve cleaned all of the rope in this way, rinse the whole hammock using a garden hose. Finally, allow the hammock air-dry on a flat surface so that the rope doesn’t stretch while drying.

Caring for the Wood

Normal outdoor weathering will occur and over time the finish will start to dull and wear off. Refinish the wood once you notice any wear, to ensure maximum like from your hammock. It is not recommended to take apart your hammock; instead, leave everything tied together and carefully work around the rope.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding hammock care, feel free to leave me a message! What’s your favorite hammock cleaning tip? Leave it in the comments below!

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Winter Hammocking

Winter is upon us! Perhaps you’ve already packed away your hammock, pining away for warmer days to come. Don’t despair! We have a few tips to enjoy your hammock in the winter

Bundle It Up!

Without question, you should wear weather appropriate clothing when enjoying the great outdoors. Sometimes you need a cold weather wardrobe upgrade. Warm socks are wonderful, but why not try out some electric socks to be extra warm and toasty. Don’t forget to keep your fingers warm as well.

Your hammock needs bundling up too so be sure to add layers. Add a good quality hammock pad. Also, consider having a heavy quilt or a subzero sleeping bag available to lounge away your day in utmost warmth.

Heat It Up!

When wrapping yourself from head to toe isn’t enough, consider adding a heat source to your outdoor living space. Building a fire pit near your hammock is a great option. If you’d like something with a little more flair, you might enjoy this chimenea. Looking for something that doesn’t require wood? A patio heater is a great alternative. Who says you can’t enjoy your hammock in the cold?

Bring It In!

Maybe braving the cold isn’t for you. You can still enjoy your hammock during the cold. Just bring it in. A heated garage, man cave, or she shed are great options for relocating your hammock for the winter. If you don’t have one of those, hammock in style while watching tv in a hammock swing. It’s a great option for binge watching your favorite show or playing video games.

However you decide to use your hammock this winter, be sure to enjoy it safely! What’s your favorite way to winter hammock? Leave us a comment below.